TT's seasonings: Do Yourself A Flavor!
TT's seasonings: Do Yourself A Flavor!
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About Aunt TT

Do Yourself A Flavor!  

You never really know what is in store for you until it is placed right before you. After losing my prior retail job in 2014 after 14 years, I was exploring my options because I still had to cover my living expenses. An opportunity presented itself that I could sell dinners at a Greenburgh Community Center in New York  on Tuesdays, which became “Tasty Tuesdays”.

Everything was operating smoothly, then in 2020 COVID made her debut. Again, I found myself back at lost seeking another outlook to earn secondary income to support my family. Large gatherings and families going out to dine or take out was suspended due to the virus. Pastor Rettiie , a beloved friend stated,  “Your food is so good Sis you need to put it in a seasoning bottle.” This birthed Aunt TT & her Seasonings. The two Ts represent Tasty Tuesdays. 

Auntie’s TT Seasonings

heritage is rich in home cooking with friends and family gatherings in the kitchen. Although Aunt TT  has earned culinary training, my main ingredients are seasonings and spices that stems from generation to generation, the love, joy and artistry I have for cooking, as well as, my talents to create and share recipes. The love I possess for cooking for is evident in my spices and has essentially built and connected families and friends.  My Aunts, Mother, and Grandmothers were such cooking powerhouses in the kitchen. They inspired me as they passed along their treasured gems of cooking mastery.  Their creativity in cooking and the down home passion they showed me when cooking was contagious. God granted me the gift of cooking and gathering people together. Sharing these spices as a gift to anyone you love or treasure would be an ultimate keepsake.

The persona of Aunt TT is that favorite Aunt (whom is like a second mother), that everyone has in their family. All of Aunt TT’s Seasonings are homemade and crafted in love. Just like an Aunt, the seasonings and spices of Aunt TT’s Seasonings leave you feeling warm, welcomed, and good.

All of Aunt TT’s Seasonings spices can be used in southern recipes, and in any meal ranging from breakfast (especially for children who require a loving nudge to eat) - lunch - dinner - late night snack. Aunt TT’s Seasonings menu has a spice for everyone, and every type of cuisine. All the spices are loved based inspired by my aunts, mother, cousins, and grandmothers.

Aunt TT’s Seasoning prides herself on containing no:




God is absolutely amazing in that He utilized this pandemic to place the world on pause by enabling families to gather closer through food. Food established richer connections, and deeper bonds that have become a generational asset.

Aunt TT’s Seasoning motto:

Bringing The Families Back To The Dinner Table One Bottle At A Time!

Don’t you think it is time you

“Do Yourself A Favor”

and sample some of Aunt TT’s Seasonings that are bursting in flavor for yourself?